Plow New England

Consumer Questions

Does Plow New England verify the plow service?

Plow New England is a search engine for plow services. We list plow services only. We do not verify the service. Because we are dealing with local plow companies only we feel it is easy for the consumer to do any due diligence before hiring a service. We list phone numbers and websites to assist you in your search. When using our service you agree to our terms and conditions to hold us harmless. Please read our terms of use for more information.

If I have a problem with a service can I call Plow New England?

Plow New England is a search engine only. We list the local plow companies to help you find someone to clear your snow when needed. We have no contact with the companies beyond adding their listing. Please contact the company directly if you have an issue.

Plow Service Questions

How do I get my company listed?

Simply click on the “signup link on any page of this website or call us at 781 821-2590.

Can I pay with company check?

We can accept your company check. Your listing will be added right away. If there is a problem with the check we will temporarily remove your listing and notify you.